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QTS 5.0.x

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Volume Actions




Resize volume

Increase or decrease the size of the volume.

  1. Click Resize Volume.

  2. Specify the new capacity of the volume.

  3. Select the unit of storage space.

  4. Click Set to Max to set the capacity of the volume equal to all free space in the cloud space.

  5. Click Apply.


View statistics showing data uploaded, data downloaded, and cache space utilization for the volume.

Click Actions, and then select Utilization.

Set Threshold

QTS issues a warning notification when the percentage of used volume space is equal to or above the specified threshold.

  1. Click Actions, and then select Set Threshold.

  2. Enable Please input the alert threshold [1-100].

  3. Specify the alert threshold.

  4. Click Apply.

Check file system

A file system check scans for and automatically repairs errors in the file system of the volume.

  1. Click Actions, and then select Check File System.

  2. Click OK.


QTS periodically takes snapshots of a VJBOD Cloud volume. You can use these recovery point snapshots to restore the volume to a previous state.

For details, see Recovering a VJBOD Cloud Volume or LUN.