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QTS 5.0.x

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Configuring Tiering On Demand

Using Tiering On Demand, you can disable auto tiering for specific LUNs and shared folders in a Qtier storage pool. If auto tiering is disabled, QTS permanently moves all data in the LUN or folder to the slowest storage tier.


You can only disable auto tiering for user data. Qtier always tiers system and application data stored in the pool.

  1. Go to Storage & Snapshots > Storage > Storage/Snapshots.
  2. Select a Qtier storage pool.
  3. Click Manage.

    The Storage Pool Management window opens.

  4. Go to the Qtier Auto Tiering tab.
  5. Click Tiering On Demand.
  6. Configure auto tiering for each LUN and shared folder.
  7. Click Apply.