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QTS 5.0.x

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Managing Event Notification Rules

The System Notification Rules screen allows you to create and customize rules to send notifications to target recipients. To send notifications, you must first create and enable rules that determine which application event triggers the outbound notification. You can customize the message type, delivery method, keywords, and time range to further define notification types or narrow the scope.

Notification Center supports sending event notifications in multiple languages and provides four delivery methods including emails, SMS, instant messaging, and push services.



User Actions


Specify a notification language

  1. Select one or more languages for email notifications.


    Email notifications contain the notification message repeated in all selected languages.

  2. Select a language for SMS, IM, and push notifications.


Enable or disable the rule

Click .


Preview rule settings

  1. Click .

    The Event Notifications window appears.

  2. Review the settings, and then click Close.


Edit the rule

  1. Click .

    The Edit Rule for Event Notifications window appears.

  2. Edit the settings.

  3. Click Confirm.


Delete a rule

  1. Click .

    A confirmation message appears.

  2. Click Confirm.