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QTS 5.0.x

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Masking a LUN from Fibre Channel Initiators

LUN masking is a security feature that enables you to make a LUN visible to some Fibre Channel initiators and invisible to other initiators.

  1. Go to iSCSI & Fibre Channel > Fibre Channel > FC Storage.
  2. Select a LUN.

    The LUN must be disabled.

  3. Click LUN Masking.

    The LUN Masking window opens.

  4. Add one or more initiator WWPNs to the LUN's authorized initiators list.



    Add from WWPN list

    1. Select one or more initiator WWPNs in the WWPN list.

    2. Click Add.

    Add WWPNs as text

    1. Specify one WWPN per line using any of the following formats:



    2. Click Add.

  5. Optional: Select Add unknown WWPNs to the FC WWPN Aliases List.

    When selected, QTS will add any unknown WWPNs to the list of known aliases. To view the list, go to iSCSI & Fibre Channel > Fibre Channel > FC WWPN Aliases.

  6. Select Enable LUN.

    If selected, QTS will enable the LUN after mapping it to the target.

  7. Click OK.