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QTS 5.0.x

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Possible User Actions



  • Specify the following optional information:

    • Profile picture

    • Email address

    • Phone number

  • Click View to display the System Access Log screen.

  • Click Edit login screen to open the Login Screen configuration screen in the Control Panel window.

  • Click Apply to save all changes.


2-step Verification

Click Get Started to open the configuration wizard. For details, see Enabling 2-step Verification.


Password Settings

  • Specify the following information to change your password.

    • Old password

    • New password: Specify a password with a maximum of 64 characters. QNAP recommends using passwords with at least 6 characters.

    • The default password for the admin account is the MAC address of your first network adapter. You cannot use this default password as your new password.

    • When changing your password, you will be logged out of all applications, browsers, and devices where you have logged in with this your account. You will need to log in again after completing the setting.

  • Enable Forgot Password Settings and specify an email address to receive a notification email to recover your password if you forgot the original password.

    You need to configure SMTP settings in Notification Center to use this feature.

  • Click Apply to save all changes.


E-mail Account

  • Add, edit, and delete email accounts to use when sharing files.

  • Click Apply to save all changes.



  • Perform any of the following actions:

    • Desktop icon and font size: Choose a large or a small size for desktop icons and text fonts.

    • Dynamic wallpaper: Specify the daytime and nighttime, then select a wallpaper pairing. The system automatically switches the wallpaper between daytime and nighttime modes at the specified time.

    • Picture: Select from the default images or upload an image, then specify the image fill mode.

    • Color: Select a color from the default settings or specify a color.

  • Click Apply to save all changes.



  • Enable the following settings as necessary.

    • Auto logout after an idle period: Specify the duration of inactivity after which the user is automatically logged out.

    • Warn me when leaving QTS: When enabled, QTS prompts users for confirmation whenever they try to leave the desktop (by clicking the Back button or closing the browser). QNAP recommends enabling this setting.

    • Reopen windows when logging back into NAS: When enabled, the current desktop settings (including all open windows) are retained until the next session.

    • Show the desktop switching button: When enabled, QTS displays the desktop switching buttons < > on the left and right sides of the desktop.

    • Show the link bar on the desktop: When enabled, QTS displays the link bar on the bottom of the desktop.

    • Show the Dashboard button: When enabled, QTS displays the button to show the dashboard on the taskbar.

    • Show the NAS time on the desktop: When enabled, QTS displays the current NAS time, day, and date at the bottom-right of the desktop.

    • Keep Main Menu open after selection: When enabled, QTS keeps the main menu pinned to the desktop after you open it.

    • Show a list of actions when external storage devices are detected: When enabled, QTS displays an Autoplay dialog box whenever an external storage device is inserted into a USB or SATA port.

  • Click Apply to save all changes.