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QTS 5.0.x

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Configuring Log Receiver General Settings

  1. Open QuLog Center.
  2. Go to QuLog Service > Log Receiver > General Settings.
  3. Select Receive logs from a remote QuLog Center.
  4. Select transfer protocols and then specify the port number.

    QuLog Center supports TCP and UDP protocols.

  5. Optional: Click Enable Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  6. Select Event Log or Access Log.
  7. Specify the following settings:




    1. Click .

      The log destination option drop-down menu appears.

    2. Select a log destination.


      You cannot select a volume that is encrypted or has less than 10% of free volume space.

    Maximum number of entries

    1. Click .

      The maximum number of entries option drop-down menu appears.

    2. Select the maximum number of entries allowed.

      The log database size is specified.

    Log retention time

    1. Click .

      The log retention time drop-down menu appears.

    2. Select the log retention time.

    Archive overflow log entries to a standby log destination

    1. Click Archive and move log entries to the specified location after reaching the database limit.

      The destination folder option is activated.

    2. Click Browse.

      The Select a shared folder window appears.

    3. Select a shared folder.

    4. Click OK.

      The shared folder is selected as the standby log destination.

    Delete all event logs

    1. Click Delete All Event Logs.

      A confirmation window appears.


      You cannot restore deleted logs.

    2. Click Yes.

  8. Click Apply.