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QTS 5.0.x

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Firmware Update Requirements

Your device must meet the following requirements to perform a firmware update:



Hardware settings

  • A computer


    A computer is required when updating the firmware using Manual Installation or Qfinder Pro.

  • Ethernet cables


    QNAP recommends updating the firmware using wired Ethernet connections to ensure your network connection remains stable during the firmware update process.

System reboot

QNAP recommends rebooting the NAS system before the firmware update.

Administrator privileges

You must be a NAS administrator or have admin privileges to update firmware.

Stop NAS operations

QNAP recommends stopping all other NAS operations before the firmware update. The NAS must restart before the firmware update takes effect and this may disrupt ongoing NAS services or operations.

Device model name

Ensure you have the correct NAS model name. You can find the NAS model name using the following methods:

  • Locate the model name on a sticker on the bottom or rear of your device.

  • Go to Control Panel > System Status > System Information > Model name

Firmware version

If you are updating the firmware using Manual Installation or Qfinder Pro, ensure the selected firmware version is correct for your device model.