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QTS 5.0.x

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Snapshot Global Settings



Smart Snapshot Space Management

Enable this feature to automatically delete snapshots in a storage pool when free space (guaranteed snapshot space plus free storage pool space) is less than 32 GB. This feature deletes the oldest snapshots first until there is at least 40 GB of free space. Enabling this feature reduces the chance of service interruption due to insufficient storage space.

You can choose one of the following policies to apply to each volume/LUN in a storage pool when free space in the pool is insufficient:

  • Delete all snapshots (release maximum space for service continuity)

  • Delete all except the newest snapshot (maintain data protection)

    • When this policy is selected and the snapshot retention policy for a volume/LUN is set to "Smart Versioning", the system retains the newest snapshot of each time interval when deleting snapshots.

      For details, see Configuring a Snapshot Retention Policy.


This feature does not delete permanent snapshots.


If QTS is unable to free at least 32 GB of snapshot space, the system stops creating new snapshots.

Enable File Station Snapshot Directory for administrators

Enable this feature to consolidate all available snapshots into a centralized folder in File Station. You can restore files and folders from the snapshot directory by copying them into another folder.

Make snapshot directory (@Recently-Snapshot) visible in shared folder root

Enable this feature to show a read-only folder @Recently-Snapshot at the root level of each shared folder, containing all of the shared folder's snapshots. You can restore files and folders from @Recently-Snapshot by copying them into another folder.

When the number of snapshots reaches maximum

Specify the default QTS behavior after a volume, LUN, or NAS reaches its maximum number of snapshots. You can choose one of the following behaviors:

  • Overwrite the oldest snapshot when taking a new one.

  • Stop taking snapshots.


This setting does not apply to Snapshot Vault. For Snapshot Vault, you can set the maximum number of snapshots when configuring a Snapshot Replica job. For details, see Creating a Snapshot Replica Job.

Use timezone GMT+0 for all new snapshots

Enable this feature to use the GMT+0 time zone in the file names of new snapshots. This file naming convention can simplify snapshot management especially when working with snapshots from NAS devices located in different time zones.

This setting only applies to new snapshots. Existing snapshots are not renamed.

Show hidden files in Snapshot Manager

Enable this feature to display hidden files in Snapshot Manager. This setting does not affect files inside the File Station Snapshot Directory.

Enable Windows Previous Versions

When enabled, Windows users can view and restore files from snapshots using the Previous Versions feature in Windows. You can disable this feature for individual folders by modifying the folder's properties.