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QTS 5.0.x

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Using Advanced Search to Search for Files and Folders

Advanced Search allows you to search for files and folders anywhere on the NAS.

  1. Open File Station.
  2. Near the top-right corner, click .

    A search box appears.

  3. Click .

    A menu list appears.

  4. Select Advanced Search.

    The Advanced Search screen appears.

  5. Specify at least one of the following fields.




    Searches by file or folder name.


    Searches a file or folder greater than or less than a specified size.

    Modified Date

    Searches before, on, or after a specific date or a date within a range.


    Searches for files and folders in a specific mount.


    Searches by a file type.


    Searches for files and folders in the specified category.

  6. Optional: Select Filter based on the rules specified above.

    This option automatically enables Smart File Filter and applies the specified criteria to all of your mounts. For details, see Using the Smart File Filter to Search for Files and Folders.

  7. Click Search.