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QTS 5.0.x

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Installing and Managing AI Engines

QNAP AI Core provides facial and object recognition engines.

  1. Install QNAP AI Core.

    For details, see Installing an App from App Center.


    This process can take a while.

  2. Open Multimedia Console.
  3. Select AI Engines.
    • QNAP AI Core supports Google TPU devices. To check if the Google TPU device is successfully running on the NAS, go to Control Panel > System > Hardware > Hardware Resources.

    • You can check the status of the Google TPU device on the top right corner of the screen. If QNAP AI Core is running the Google TPU device, the status changes to Google TPU: Running. If the Google TPU device is not running, the status changes to Google TPU: Stopped.

  4. Locate an AI engine you want to manage and select one of the following options.


    User Action


    1. Click Pause.

      The Pause window opens.

    2. Select one of the following options.

      • Pause: Pauses the engine now.

      • Postpone: Pauses the engine after a specific time period.


        You can postpone by 1, 2, or 5 hours.

    3. Click OK.


    1. Click Restart.

      A confirmation message appears.

    2. Click OK.

    QNAP AI Core pauses or restarts the AI engine.