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QTS 5.0.x

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Setting Up Remote Access

myQNAPcloud is a QNAP service that allows you to connect to the NAS via the internet. With this service, you can remotely access your data on the NAS and use a wide variety of mobile applications designed for the QNAP NAS wherever you go. To use the myQNAPcloud service, you must first create a QNAP ID and then register your NAS to your QNAP ID.

  1. Create a QNAP ID.

    QNAP ID is your QNAP account that allows you to access various QNAP services. To create a QNAP ID, go to https://account.qnap.com.

    For details, see Creating a QNAP ID.

  2. Register the NAS to your QNAP ID.

    After creating a QNAP ID, you need to enable the myQNAPcloud service on your NAS and then associate your device with your QNAP ID. You can also configure various remote access settings in myQNAPcloud.

    For details, see Registering a Device to myQNAPcloud.

  3. Remotely access the NAS via myQNAPcloud.

    After setting up myQNAPcloud on your NAS, you can remotely access and manage the NAS via the myQNAPcloud website or via the SmartURL generated for your NAS.

  4. Remotely access the NAS on your mobile device.

    QNAP provides a wide range of mobile applications that enable you to access, manage, monitor, and back up your NAS wherever you go. After installing these QNAP applications on your mobile devices, you must sign in to them with your QNAP ID.

    For details, go to https://www.qnap.com/go/mobile-apps.