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QTS 5.0.x

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Modifying Domain User Account Information

  1. Go to Control Panel > Privilege > Domain Controller > Users.
  2. Locate a user.
  3. Perform any of the following tasks.


    User Action

    Change password

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Change Password window appears.

    2. Specify a password that meets the requirements.

    3. Verify the password.

    4. Click Change.

    Edit user properties

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit User Properties window appears.

    2. Edit the user properties.

      For details, see Creating a Domain User.

    3. Click Finish.

    Edit user group membership

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit User Groups wizard appears.

    2. Select or deselect user groups.

      For details, see Domain User Groups.

    3. Click Next.

    4. Review the summary, and then click Finish.

    Edit user profile

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit User Profile window appears.

    2. Specify the following:

      • Profile path

        Specify the shared folder where the roaming profiles are stored.

      • Login script

        Specify the login script that executes when a domain user logs in from a computer member of the domain.

        To directly specify the script filename, connect to \NAS\netlogon using the domain administrator account and copy the script to the \sysvol shared folder in the \scripts folder of your domain.

      • Home Folder

        Specify the drive and shared folder that is mapped to the drive when the domain user logs in to the domain.

      • Click Finish.


    You can also edit quota settings for domain users. For details, see Editing Quota Settings.