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QTS 5.0.x

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Qtier Management

To manage Qtier on a storage pool, go to Storage & Snapshots > Storage > Storage/Snapshots. Select a Qtier storage pool, click Manage, and then click Qtier Auto Tiering.



Tiering Schedule

Select when QTS moves data between tiers. For details, see Configuring the Qtier Tiering Schedule.

Tiering on Demand

Select which LUNs and shared folders Qtier should perform auto tiering on. For details, see Configuring Tiering On Demand.


View detailed on statistics on data movement between tiers. For details, see Qtier Statistics.

Tiering Status

The current status of Qtier. For details, see Qtier Status.

Schedule Setting

The current tiering schedule for this pool.


The tier name.


Percentage of used space in the tier.


Total storage capacity of the tier.

Move Down

The total amount of data moved to a slower tier.

Move Up

The total amount of data moved to a faster tier.


The tier's RAID group.


The configuration of the tier's RAID group, including RAID type, number of disks and number of space disks.