QTS 5.0.x

Mapping a LUN to an iSCSI Target

  1. Go to iSCSI & Fibre Channel > iSCSI Storage.
  2. Select a LUN.

    Double-click an iSCSI target to view all of its mapped LUNs.

  3. Optional: If the LUN is already mapped to a target, disable the LUN.
    1. Click Action, and then select Disable.

      A confirmation message appears.

    2. Click OK.

      QTS disables the LUN.

  4. Click Action, and then select Edit LUN Mapping.

    The Edit LUN Mapping window opens.

  5. Select Map to iSCSI target.
  6. Select an iSCSI target.
  7. Optional: Select Enable LUN.

    If selected, QTS enables the LUN after mapping it to the target.

  8. Click OK.