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QTS 5.0.x

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Test Reports

Test reports provide information to help you determine the optimal amount of over-provisioning. You can view, export, and delete test results in SSD Profiling Tool > Test Reports.

Test Report Information



Test Information

View information about the NAS, the disks being tested, and the settings used in this test.

Test Result

View the test results as a graph. Choose from the following views:

  • IOPS / Time

  • IOPS / Data Written

  • Data Written / Time


Use these graphs to compare what effect different amounts of over-provisioning had on random write speeds (IOPS).

Over-Provisioning Evaluation Results

Enter an IOPS value in Target write performance. SSD Profiling Tool will recommend the amount of over-provisioning needed to consistently achieve the target random write performance.


View the temperature of the SSDs during each test phase.

Test RAID Group

View information about the test SSD RAID group. Details include the RAID type, number of disks, model and capacity of each disk, and disk read/write performance.

Test Report Actions



Open the report in a new window.

Download a copy of the report in XLSX format.

Delete the report.