QTS 5.0.x

What's New in QTS


Major New Features and Enhancements

QTS 5.0.0

  • QTS now supports Desktop Notice Board, which provides notifications for various events and announcements.

  • QTS administrators can now purchase app licenses in the App Center.

  • QuLog Center now displays computer names, total connection time of online users, and accessed resources in System Access Log and Online Users.

  • iSCSI target service binding now supports all types of network portals.

  • Users can now import custom root certificates to certify the SSL certificate of a server that the NAS needs to access.

  • Users can now manually specify the time interval and the maximum number of failed login attempts in Control Panel to further enhance NAS security.

  • Users can now use exFAT on x86 NAS models without purchasing an exFAT license.

  • Users can now use port 443 for Let's Encrypt domain validation challenges.

  • Users can now configure reverse proxy rules to hide sensitive information on the server from clients and to enhance the security of data transmission over the network.

  • Users can now choose to keep file attributes for files uploaded to File Station via SMB.

  • Users in the administrator group now have read/write access permissions for default shared folders, except the "homes" shared folder.

  • Improved SSD cache design to enhance storage performance.

  • Added support for QuFTP Service, which allows users to configure and manage various FTP settings.

  • Added an option to choose whether to redirect users to the NAS login screen when connecting to the NAS IP address without the system port.

  • Utilization charts in Storage & Snapshots are now located in Pool/Volume/LUN Management for better usability.

  • A RAID group now only supports a maximum of 16 disks to enhance storage performance and data security.

  • Replaced SQL Server with MariaDB 5/MariaDB 10, which can be installed in the App Center.

  • Added support for Forward Error Correction (FEC) for error detection and error correction in data transmission over unreliable or noisy communication channels.

  • Added support for ULINK DA Drive Analyzer for disk health monitoring and disk failure prediction.

  • Added support for setting user/group storage space quota up to 128TB.

For details on new features and enhancements, go to https://www.qnap.com/en/release-notes/.