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QTS 5.0.x

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Configuring the System Default Gateway

The system default gateway serves as the network access point for the NAS. By default, all external network traffic will pass through the gateway. You must configure a network interface first prior to assigning the default gateway.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network & File Services > Network & Virtual Switch.

    The Network & Virtual Switch window opens.

  2. Go to Network > Interfaces.
  3. Click System Default Gateway.

    The System Default Gateway window opens.

  4. Configure the system default gateway.


    User Action

    Auto-select system default gateway

    Select to allow QTS automatically detect all adapter, virtual switch, PPPoE, and VPN connections that can be used to connect to the internet. It selects one of these connections and then sets it as the default gateway.

    Select the system default gateway

    Manually assign an adapter to serve as the system default gateway. Optionally, set a backup failover gateway. The failover default gateway field is only available when multiple interfaces are connected.


    When assigning a PPPoE or VPN connection as the default gateway, ensure a stable physical connection is also set as the failover default gateway.

  5. Optional: Disable the NCSI service.

    The QTS Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) periodically performs tests to check the speed and status of NAS network connections.

  6. Click Apply.

Network & Virtual Switch updates the system default gateway.