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QTS 5.0.x

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Creating a User Group

  1. Go to Control Panel > Privilege > User Groups.
  2. Click Create.

    The Create a User Group window appears.

  3. Specify the User group name.
    The user group name can contain 1 to 128 characters from any of the following groups:
    • Letters: A to Z, a to z

    • Numbers: 0 to 9

    • Multi-byte characters: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian

    • Dashes (-)

  4. Optional: Specify a description that contains a maxiumum of 128 characters.
  5. Optional: Add users to the user group.
    1. Under Assign users to this group, click Edit.
    2. Select one or more users.
  6. Optional: Specify shared folder permissions for the user group.
    1. Under Edit shared folder permissions, click Edit.
    2. Select the permissions for each shared folder.
  7. Optional: Set a quota for the user group.

    This option is only available when quotas are enabled.

    For details, see Enabling Quotas.

    1. Under Quota, click Edit.
    2. Set the quota.
      • No Limit: Quota settings do not apply to the user group.

      • Limit disk space to: Specify a quota for the user group.


      Individual quotas may override group quotas.

      For details, see Quota Conflicts.

  8. Click Create.

    A dialog box appears.

  9. Choose whether group quotas will be applied to users in the group.




    Applies group quota settings to each user in the group.


    Retains individual quota settings for users in the group.

    For details on group quota settings, see Quota Conflicts.