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QTS 5.0.x

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Manually Updating External RAID Device Firmware in QTS

  1. Open Storage & Snapshots.
  2. Click External Storage Devices and then select External Storage Device Management.

    The External Storage Device Management window opens.

  3. Select a RAID device.
  4. Click Check for Update.

    The Firmware Management window opens. QTS checks online for the latest device firmware.

  5. Select a firmware update method.

    Firmware Update Method


    Install the latest firmware version

    Download and install the latest version of the device firmware.


    You can only select this option if QTS has checked online and found a newer firmware version than the one currently installed on the device.

    Select a local firmware file

    Update the firmware using a local firmware IMG file on your computer. Click Browse to select the file.


    You can download firmware updates at https://download.qnap.com.

  6. Click Update.

    Do not power off or disconnect the RAID device unless prompted.

  7. Follow the instructions to install the firmware update.

    Depending on the model you may be asked to power off then power on the device, or disconnect then reconnect the device.

    QTS re-detects the device and displays a notification message.

  8. Wait for confirmation that the firmware update has finished.
  9. Go to Storage & Snapshots > Storage > Disks/VJBOD.
  10. Click Recover, and then select Attach and Recover Storage Pool.