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QTS 5.0.x

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Editing Quota Settings

  1. Go to Control Panel > Privilege > Quota.
  2. Select the type of user or group.
    • Local Users

    • Domain Users

    • Local Groups

    • Domain Groups


    By default, the Quota screen displays Local Users.

  3. Select a user or group.
  4. Click Edit.

    The Quota window appears.

  5. Set a quota for the user or group.
    • No Limit: Quota settings do not apply to the user or group.

    • Limit disk space to: Specify a quota for the user or group.


      The quota must be between 100 MB and 128 TB.

    • Use group quotas: Group quota settings apply to the user.


    Individual quotas may override group quotas.

    For details, see Quota Conflicts.

  6. Click OK.