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QTS 5.0.x

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Creating a Snapshot Shared Folder

  1. Open File Station.
  2. On the menu bar, click .
  3. Select Snapshot shared folder.

    The Create a Snapshot Shared Folder window opens.

  4. Configure the folder settings.



    Folder Name

    Specify a folder name that contains 1 to 64 characters and that does not:

    • Begin or end with a space

    • Contain consecutive spaces

    • Contain the following characters: " + = / \ : | * ? < > ; [ ] % ` '.

    Comment (optional)

    Specify a comment that contains 1 to 128 ASCII characters.

    Storage Pool

    Specify the storage pool where this shared folder will be created.

    Space Allocation

    Select one of the following space allocation options:

    • Thick provisioning

    • Thin provisioning

    Qtier Auto Tiering

    Select this option to enable auto-tiering for this folder.


    To use this feature, you must enable Qtier on the storage pool.

    Allocate Folder Quota

    Specify a data quota for the folder.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Optional: Configure user access permissions.
    1. Specify access permissions for each user.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Optional: Configure properties.
    1. Configure the following settings.



      Guest Access Right

      Select the permission level assigned to users without a NAS account.

      Hide network drive

      Selecting this option hides the folder in Windows networks. Users who know the specific path can still access the folder.

      Lock File (Oplocks)

      Opportunistic lock (Oplocks) is a Windows file locking mechanism that facilitates caching and access control to improve performance. This feature is enabled by default and should only be disabled in networks where multiple users simultaneously access the same files.

      SMB Encryption

      This option is available only when SMB3 is enabled. Selecting this option encrypts all Microsoft network communication using the SMB3 protocol.

      Enable Windows Previous Versions

      Selecting this option allows users to use the Previous Versions feature on Windows to restore the previous versions of this shared folder.

      Enable Network Recycle Bin

      Selecting this option creates a Recycle Bin for this shared folder.

      Restrict the access of Recycle Bin to administrators only for now

      Selecting this option prevents non-administrator users from recovering or deleting files in the Recycle Bin.

      Enable access-based share enumeration (ABSE)

      When this option is enabled, users can only see the shared folders that they have permissions to mount and access. Guests must specify a username and password to view shared folders.

      Enable access-based enumeration (ABE)

      When this option is enabled, users can only see the shared folders that they have permissions to mount and access.

  9. Click Finish

    File Station creates a snapshot shared folder.