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QTS 5.0.x

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Modifying User Account Information

  1. Go to Control Panel > Privilege > Users.
  2. Locate a user.
  3. Perform any of the following tasks.


    User Action

    Change password

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Change Password window appears.

    2. Specify a password that contains a maximum of 64 ASCII characters.


      For "admin" accounts, the new password cannot be the default password (1st MAC address).

    3. Verify the password.

    4. Click Apply.

    Edit account profile

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit Account Profile window appears.

    2. Edit the settings.

      The Edit Account Profile window provides the following settings not included in the Create a User window:

      • Description (optional): Specify a user description that contains a maximum of 50 characters.

      • Disallow the user to change password: When selected, QTS prevents the user from changing the password.

      • Disable this account: Select this option to disable the user account. You can either select to disable the account Now or specify an Expiry Date.


        QNAP recommends users to create a new administrator account and disable the "admin" account. To create an administrator account, see Creating an Administrator Account.

    3. Modify the quota for the user.


      This option is only available when quotas are enabled.

      • No Limit: Quota settings do not apply to the user.

      • Limit disk space to: Specify a quota for the user.

      • Use group quotas: Group quota settings apply to the user.


      Individual quotas may override group quotas.

    4. Click OK.

    Edit user group membership

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit User's Groups window appears.

    2. Select or deselect user groups.

    3. Click Apply.

    Edit shared folder permissions

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit Shared Folder Permission window appears.

    2. Edit the user's permissions for each shared folder.

    3. Optional: Select Apply changes to subfolders.

    4. Click Apply.

    Edit application privileges

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit Application Privileges window appears.

    2. Select the applications that the user is allowed to access.

    3. Click Apply.


    QNAP recommends denying access to applications and network services that the user does not require.

    By default, administrator accounts have access to all applications.