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QTS 5.0.x

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Configuring Time Settings


You must configure the system time correctly to avoid the following issues.

  • When using a web browser to connect to the NAS or save a file, the displayed time of the action is incorrect.

  • Event logs do not reflect the exact time that events occurred.

  • Scheduled tasks run at the wrong time.

  1. Go to Control Panel > System > General Settings > Time.
  2. Select a time zone.
  3. Specify the date and time format.
  4. Select the time setting.


    User Action

    Manual setting

    Specify the date and time.

    Synchronize with a time server automatically

    Ensure that your NAS is connected to the Internet, and then specify the following information:

    • Server: Name of the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server

      Examples: time.nist.gov, time.windows.com

    • Optional: Click Test Connection.

      The system will test if a connection can be established with the configured time server.

    • Time interval: Number of hours or days between each time synchronization task

    Set the server time the same as your computer time

    Click Update.

  5. Click Apply.