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QTS 5.0.x

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Configuring IPv4 Settings

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network & Virtual Switch.

    The Network & Virtual Switch window opens.

  2. Go to Network > Interfaces.
  3. Identify the adapter that you want to configure, then click > Configure.

    The Configure window opens.

  4. Configure the IPv4 settings.



    Obtain IP address settings automatically via DHCP

    If the network supports DHCP, the adapter automatically obtains the IP address and network settings.

    Use static IP address

    Manually assign a static IP address. You must specify the following information:

    • Fixed IP address

    • Subnet mask

    • Default gateway

    Jumbo frames

    Jumbo frames are Ethernet frames that are larger than 1500 bytes. They are designed to enhance Ethernet networking throughput, and to reduce CPU usage when transferring large files. QTS supports the following MTU sizes:

    • 1500 bytes (default)

    • 4074 bytes

    • 7418 bytes

    • 9000 bytes

    • All connected network devices must enable Jumbo Frames and use the same MTU size.

    • Only certain NAS models support Jumbo Frames.

    • Using jumbo frames requires a network speed of 1000 Mbps or faster.

    Network Speed

    Select the network transfer rate allowed by the network environment.


    Selecting Auto-negotiation will automatically detect and set the transfer rate.


    The Network Speed field is automatically set to Auto-negotiation and hidden when configuring 10GbE & 40GbE adapters.

  5. Click Apply.

Network & Virtual Switch updates the IPv4 settings.