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QTS 5.0.x

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Getting Started with iSCSI

  1. Create an iSCSI target on the NAS.

    For details, see Creating an iSCSI Target.

  2. Create a LUN on the NAS.

    A LUN is a portion of storage space, similar to a volume. LUNs are created from storage pool space (block-based) or from space in a thick volume (file-based).

    For more information, see:

  3. Map the LUN to the iSCSI target.

    Multiple LUNs can be mapped to one target.

    For details, see iSCSI LUN Actions.

  4. Install an iSCSI initiator application or driver on the host.

    The host is the service, computer, or NAS device that will access the LUN.

  5. Connect the iSCSI initiator to the iSCSI target on the NAS.

    To prevent data corruption, multiple iSCSI initiators should not connect to the same LUN simultaneously.

    The LUNs mapped to the iSCSI target appear as disks on the host.

  6. In the host OS, format the disks.