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QTS 5.0.x

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Configuring Pool Guaranteed Snapshot Space

Pool guaranteed snapshot space is storage pool space that is reserved for storing snapshots. Enabling this feature ensures that QTS always has sufficient space to store new snapshots.

Pool Guaranteed Snapshot Space Status

Snapshot Storage Location


Free space in the storage pool


Pool guaranteed snapshot space until full, then free space in the storage pool

  1. Go to Storage & Snapshots > Storage > Storage/Snapshots.
  2. Select a thick volume, thin volume, or LUN.
  3. Click Snapshot, and then select Snapshot Manager.
  4. Click Pool Guaranteed Snapshot Space, and then select Configure.
  5. Enable Enable Pool Guaranteed Snapshot Space.
  6. Select the amount of reserved space.




    Reserve a percentage of the total storage pool space.


    The default value is 20%.


    Reserve a fixed amount of storage pool space.

  7. Click OK.