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QTS 5.0.x

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Activating a License Offline

You can activate your license offline if your QNAP device is not connected to the Internet. You first need to generate a device identity file (DIF) from Qfinder Pro or from License Center on your device and then upload the DIF to License Manager in exchange for the license install file (LIF). You can then activate the license using the LIF in Qfinder Pro or in License Center on your device.

  1. Choose one of the following methods.


    User Action

    Offline activation using Qfinder Pro

    Qfinder Pro allows you to discover QNAP devices on your local network.

    1. Open Qfinder Pro on your computer.


      You can download Qfinder Pro from the QNAP website.

    2. Select your device from the list.

    3. Right-click the device and then select License Activation.

    4. Specify your username and password.

      The License Activation window appears.

    5. Select Offline Activation.

    Offline activation using License Center

    1. Log in to your QNAP device.

    2. Open License Center.

    3. Go to My Licenses.

    4. Click Activate License.

      The License Activation window appears.

    5. Select Offline Activation.

  2. Read and agree to the Terms of Service.
  3. Click Generate Device Identity File.

    Qfinder Pro or License Center downloads the device identity file (DIF) to your computer.

  4. Read the instructions and click Go to License Manager.

    Your web browser opens the QNAP License Manager website.

  5. Sign in with your QNAP ID.
  6. From the list of licenses, select the license you want to activate.
  7. Click (Upload Device Identity File).

    The Activate License window appears.

  8. Click Browse.

    The file browser appears.

  9. Locate and select the DIF from your computer.
  10. Click Upload.

    A confirmation message appears.

  11. Click Download.

    QNAP License Manager downloads the license install file (LIF) to your computer.

  12. Click Done.
  13. Go back to Qfinder Pro or License Center.
  14. In the License Activation window, click Upload License File.
  15. Click Browse.

    The file browser appears.

  16. Locate and select the LIF from your computer.
  17. Click Import.

    Qfinder Pro or License Center uploads the LIF and displays the license summary.

  18. Click Activate.

    The license appears on the list of active licenses.