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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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What's New in QuTS hero

For details on new features and enhancements, go to https://www.qnap.com/en/release-notes/.

QuTS hero h5.0.1

  • QuTS hero now supports for LUN Encryption to enhance data security.

  • QuTS hero now supports up to 5PB capacity for a single storage pool.

  • Enhanced firmware update features in Control Panel to provide more options and clearer notifications. You can now configure more settings for update actions, update schedule, and firmware update types.

  • Storage & Snapshots now supports enabling or disabling Native Command Queuing (NCQ).

  • Storage & Snapshots now provides clearer information for the results of IronWolf Health Management (IHM) tests. This allows you to easily check the health of your IronWolf drives.

  • Storage & Snapshots now displays topology diagrams for SAS JBOD expansion enclosures to help visualize the arrangement of your storage devices.

  • Improved the RAID rebuild mechanism to make the rebuilding process safer.

  • QuTS hero can now dynamically adjust rebuild speeds and priority according to NAS I/O read status.

  • Enhanced the user interface design of Help Center.

  • Enhanced SAMBA file transfer speeds for small files.

  • Modified UI design and workflow in File Station to enhance user experience.

  • You can now share a shared folder via a share link in File Station.

  • You can now select and download multiple files via a share link. You can now also preview shared files with thumbnails.

  • You can now set a snapshot schedule during the creation of a shared folder.

  • To enhance device security, the system now asks the "admin" user to change the password when the user logs in with the default password (the MAC address of the first network adapter).

  • To ensure device security, the "admin" account cannot use the default password (the MAC address of the first network adapter) when changing the password.

  • When creating users, you can now choose to force users to change their password upon their first login.

  • Administrators can now enforce 2-step verification on specific users or groups and then check their current verification status. After this enforcement, selected users must complete 2-step verification setup before proceeding to other operations.

  • Network & Virtual Switch now displays the maximum transmission unit (MTU) of network interfaces.

  • QuTS hero now supports Microsoft Windows Search Protocol. This allows you to perform quick searches for files and folders in NAS shared folders mounted on Windows 10 via SMB.

QuTS hero h5.0.0

  • QuTS hero administrators can now purchase and activate app licenses in the App Center.

  • QuTS hero now supports Desktop Notice Board, which provides notifications for various events and announcements.

  • QuTS hero now supports creating instant clones for snapshots, which allow users to instantly clone shared folders from snapshots.

  • QuTS hero now supports TLS 1.3 for HTTPS secure connection.

  • QuTS hero now enables dynamic wallpapers by default.

  • Users can now use exFAT without purchasing an exFAT license.

  • Users can now use port 443 for Let's Encrypt domain validation challenges.

  • Users can now configure reverse proxy rules to hide the sensitive information on the server from clients and to enhance the security of data transmission over the network.

  • Users can now import custom root certificates to certify the SSL certificate of a server that the NAS needs to access.

  • Users in the administrator group now have read/write access permissions for default shared folders, except the "homes" shared folder.

  • Users can now set scrubbing schedules more flexibly to reduce impact on system performance.

  • Added an option to choose whether to redirect users to the NAS login screen when connecting to the NAS IP address without the system port. To enhance device security, this option is disabled by default.

  • To enhance device security, UPnP Discovery Service is now disabled by default.

  • Added the option to enable strong cipher suites.

  • To ensure device security, QuTS hero now reminds users to disable the default "admin" account and to create another administrator account during HDMI Installation.

  • To enhance system security, users are now required to create a new administrator account to replace the "admin" account during HDMI Installation.

  • Added support for Forward Error Correction (FEC) for error detection and error correction in data transmission over unreliable or noisy communication channels.

  • Replaced SQL Server with MariaDB 5/MariaDB 10, which can be installed in the App Center.

  • Shortened the default interval of automatic synchronization with the time server from 7 days to 1 day.

  • Improved the user interface of Advanced Search in QuLog Center.