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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Storing Data

To store data on the NAS, you must create storage pools and shared folders, which are features designed to help you facilitate data storage and management. You can configure storage settings in Storage & Snapshots, a powerful built-in utility for storage and snapshot management in QuTS hero.

  1. Create a storage pool.

    A storage pool combines multiple physical disks into one large storage space and may contain one or more RAID groups. You need to create at least one storage pool. You can also choose a RAID type that meets your needs for data redundancy and storage performance.

    For details, see Creating a Storage Pool.

  2. Create a shared folder.

    A shared folder is a storage space created from a storage pool, allowing you to divide and manage available storage capacity. QuTS hero provides several types of shared folders for different combinations of performance and flexibility. You need to create at least one shared folder to start storing data on the NAS.


    A QuTS hero shared folder is the same as a QTS volume that contains one shared folder.

    For details, see Creating a Shared Folder.