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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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QuLog Center

QuLog Center allows you to centrally manage and monitor logs from local devices and remote devices. You can specify log filters, create notification rules, and configure log settings to stay informed of your device status and important events. You can view and manage system logs in Control Panel > System > QuLog Center. For details about QuLog Center concepts and terms, see the following table.



Event Log

The event log is a record of system events, such as system, security, and application notifications. Events are stored by the device operating system for administrators to diagnose system problems and troubleshoot issues.

Access Log

The access log is a detailed record of user access to applications and files on a device.

Local Device

The current device you are logged in.

QuLog Service

The QuLog Service is a remote log management service that allows you to centrally manage remote system logs on the local device. The QuLog Service also allows you to send local device logs to a remote QuLog Center or to a Syslog Server.

Log Receiver

The local device that is the recipient of all remote device logs. The Log Receiver functions as the central log management platform for up to 500 remote devices.

Log Sender

A local device that sends logs to a remote QuLog Center on another device or to a Syslog Server.

Sender Device

A remote device that sends logs to the local Log Receiver.