QuTS hero 5.0.x

Enabling Installation of Apps without Digital Signatures

  • A valid digital signature ensures that an application was created by QNAP or a QNAP-trusted publisher. It also ensures that the app has not been maliciously tampered with. Installing apps without valid digital signatures may expose your NAS to security risks. QNAP shall not be held liable for any damages, data loss, or security vulnerabilities resulting from the installation and use of such apps.

  • App Center never installs apps with invalid digital signatures even if this setting is enabled.

  • Installation of apps without digital signatures is disabled by default in Settings.

  1. Open App Center.
  2. Click on the toolbar.

    The Settings window appears.

  3. Go to General.
  4. Select Allow installation and execution of applications without a digital signature.

    App Center does not allow the installation of apps with tampered digital signatures even when this setting is enabled.

  5. Click Apply.