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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Accessing Data

QuTS hero provides several simple ways to access your data on the NAS when your NAS and computer are on the same local network. With a web browser, you can access and manage your files using File Station in QuTS hero. You can also access mounted shared folders directly via the file manager on your Windows or macOS computer.

  • Access files via File Station.
    1. Access the NAS.

      You can directly access the NAS via its IP address using a web browser. You can also discover and access your NAS on the local network using Qfinder Pro.

      For details, see:

    2. Open File Station.

      File Station is the file manager in QuTS hero, allowing you to browse, manage, and share files on the NAS. You can also create and configure shared folders in File Station to facilitate file management.

      For details, see File Station.

  • Access files via shared folders mounted on your computer.

    You can mount a shared folder as a network drive on your computer. This allows you to directly access mounted shared folders using the file manager on your Windows or macOS computer.

    For details, see: