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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Enforcing 2-step Verification

To ensure account and data security, administrators can enforce 2-step verification on specific users or groups. Once 2-step verification is enforced, users must complete the verification setup upon their next login before proceeding to any other operations.

  1. Log on to QuTS hero as administrator.
  2. Go to Control Panel > System > Security > 2-step Verification.

    QuTS hero displays a user list and their 2-step verification status.




    2-step verification is enabled on this user.


    2-step verification is disabled on this user.


    2-step verification is enforced on this user, but this user has not completed the setup.

  3. Select users or groups on whom you want to enforce 2-step verification.
  4. Click Apply.

    The verification status of the selected users changes from Disabled to Incomplete. When the selected users complete the setup, the status will change to Enabled.