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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Configuring Encryption Settings

  1. Go to Control Panel > Privilege > Shared Folders > Shared Folder.
  2. Locate an encrypted shared folder.
  3. Under Action, click .

    The Encryption Management window appears.


    If the encrypted folder is locked, you must unlock it before configuring encryption settings. For details, see Unlocking a Shared Folder.

  4. Perform any of the following tasks.


    User Action

    Download the encryption key file

    1. Go to Download.

    2. Enter the encryption password.

    3. Click OK.

      QuTS hero exports the encryption key file to your computer as a TXT.

    Save the encryption key

    1. Go to Save.

    2. Select Mount automatically on start up.

      When enabled, QuTS hero automatically unlocks the shared folder after the NAS restarts.

    3. Enter the encryption password.

    4. Click OK.

      QuTS hero saves the encryption key.

    Lock the shared folder

    1. Go to Lock.

    2. Optional: Select Forget the saved key.


      When selected, users must unlock the folder after restarting the NAS.

      This setting is only available if Save encryption key was enabled when the folder was encrypted or Mount automatically on start up was enabled after the folder was encrypted.

    3. Click OK.

      QuTS hero locks the folder.

      • Locked folders do not appear in File Station. A folder will only reappear after it is unlocked.

      • Users cannot edit the properties or permissions of a locked shared folder.