QuTS hero 5.0.x

Configuring Device Access Controls

  1. Open myQNAPcloud.
  2. Go to Access Control.
  3. Select an access control option.



    User Action


    All users can search for your device and view the published services on the myQNAPcloud website.

    Select Public.


    Your device will not appear in the search results. Only you can access your device on the myQNAPcloud website.

    Select Private.


    Your device will only be visible to you and invited users. Other users will not be able to access your device even with a SmartURL

    1. Select Customized.

    2. Optional: Add a user.

      1. Click Add.

      2. Specify the user's email address or phone number.

      3. Click .

    3. Optional: Remove a user.

      • From the list of users, identify a user you want to remove.

      • Click .

  4. Click Apply.