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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Managing AD and LDAP Users

  1. Go to Privilege > Users.
  2. Select Domain Users.

    QuTS hero displays the list of domain users.

  3. Locate a user.
  4. Perform any of the following tasks.


    User Action

    Edit an account profile

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit Account Profile window appears.

    2. Edit the user quota.


      User quotas must be enabled for this option to appear. For details, see Enabling Quotas.

    Edit shared folder permissions

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit Shared Folder Permission window appears.

    2. Edit the user's permissions for each shared folder.

      For details, see Shared Folder Permissions.

    Edit application privileges

    1. Under Action, click .

      The Edit Application Privileges window appears.

    2. Select the applications that the user is allowed to access.


    QNAP recommends denying access to applications and network services that the user does not require.

    By default, administrator accounts have access to all applications.


    Click to display newly created users on the AD or LDAP server. Permission settings are automatically synchronized with the domain controller.

  5. Click Apply.