QuTS hero 5.0.x

Disk Health Global Settings



Activate Predictive S.M.A.R.T. Migration

Enable this feature to regularly monitor disk health. If S.M.A.R.T. errors are detected on a disk, QuTS hero displays a warning and then begins migrating data from the faulty disk to a spare disk. After the migration is finished, the healthy disk is used in place of the faulty disk.

This process is safer than manually initiating a full RAID rebuild after a disk has failed.

S.M.A.R.T. polling time

Specify how often QuTS hero checks disks for S.M.A.R.T. errors in minutes.

Disk Temperature Alarm

Enable this feature to monitor the disk temperatures. QuTS hero displays a warning when the disk temperature is equal to or above the specified threshold. You can set separate thresholds for hard disk drives and solid state drives.


Enable this feature to specify a maximum response time of all disks in seconds.

When a disk encounters a read or write error, it may become unresponsive while the disk firmware attempts to correct the error. QuTS hero might interpret this unresponsiveness as a disk failure. Enabling this feature ensures that a disk has sufficient time to recover from a read or write error before QuTS hero marks it as failed and initiates a RAID group rebuild.

  • This setting is also known as Error recovery control (ERC), Time-limited error recovery (TLER) or Command completion time limit (CCTL).

  • When this feature is disabled, QuTS hero uses the default TLER/ERC settings specified by the disk manufacturer.

Share my disk analysis data with QNAP

Enable this feature to send de-identified disk analysis data and NAS system information to QNAP to improve future products. QNAP does not collect any user data. You can opt out of this program at any time.

If the app DA Drive Analyzer is installed, enabling this setting sends disk analysis data that is linked to your QID to QNAP.


Disabling this setting causes the app DA Drive Analyzer to stop working.

SSD Estimated Life Warning

Enable this feature to change the disk status of an SSD to "Warning" when its estimated life is lower than the specified threshold.