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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Managing Transcoding Tasks

You can manage Background Transcoding and On-the-Fly Transcoding tasks from the Overview tab on the Transcoding screen.

  • Transcoding is only available for certain NAS models. Go to https://www.qnap.com/go/compatibility to view specifications for your NAS and verify that it is compatible.

  • Transcoding uses additional NAS storage space to store transcoded files.



Background Transcoding

Background Transcoding converts videos asynchronously to minimize consumption of system resources if the video is accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

The Background Transcoding tab displays the overall background transcoding status as well as additional information about specific background transcoding tasks. You can view and manage background transcoding tasks from this tab.

You can manually add videos to background transcoding folders using File Station, Photo Station, or Video Station.

For details on managing background transcoding folders, see Configuring Background Transcoding Folders.

On-the-Fly Transcoding

On-the-Fly Transcoding converts videos in real time as you watch them.

The On-the-Fly Transcoding tab displays information about on-the-fly transcoding tasks. You can view and manage on-the-fly transcoding tasks from this tab.

  • You cannot specify the output format for On-the-Fly Transcoding.

  • On-the-Fly Transcoding uses more system resources than Background Transcoding and may affect the performance of your NAS.


You can install CodexPack to increase transcoding speed and reduce system resource consumption.

You can check whether your NAS supports GPU-acclerated transcoding on the Transcoding Settings screen. For details, see Configuring Transcoding Resources.