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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Restoring or Reinitializing the Device

  1. Log in to Console Management as administrator, and then enter 3.

    The Reset window and five options appear.

  2. Enter the alphanumeric character corresponding with the action you want to perform.

    The admin password is required to reset the settings or reinitialize the device.


    User Action

    Reset network settings

    Enter 1.

    Console Management resets the network settings.

    Reset system settings

    Enter 2.

    Console Management restores system settings to default without erasing user data.

    Restore factory defaults & format all volumes

    Enter 3.

    Console Management restores the system settings to default and formats all disk volumes.

    Reboot to reinitialize the device

    Enter 4.

    Console Management erases all data and reinitializes the device.


    Enter r.

    Console Management returns to Main menu.