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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Configuring an Email Server Account Using Browser Station

You can add an email server account using Browser Station authentication to secure your remote email server without setting up a VPN.


Before using Browser Station to authenticate an email server account, ensure that:

  1. Go to Service Account and Device Pairing > E-mail.
  2. Click Add SMTP Service.

    The Add SMTP Service window appears.

  3. Click Authenticate with Browser Station.

    The Browser Station window appears.


    It may take a few minutes for the Browser Station window to load.

  4. Specify your gmail account.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Click Next.

    A warning appears.

  8. Click Allow.

    Add SMTP Service window appears.

  9. Optional: Select Set as default SMTP service account.
  10. Click Create.

    The SMTP service is added.