QuTS hero 5.0.x

Updating the Firmware of a Network Expansion Card

If a network expansion or interface card is attached to your QNAP device, you can update the firmware of the attached card through the QuTS hero interface.


QNAP recommends keeping the expansion card firmware up-to-date. By default, QuTS hero checks daily for firmware updates for the expansion card.

  • To avoid corrupting the expansion card, ensure that you do not power off or restart the device during the firmware update process.

  • You must restart the device after the update process completes to apply the changes.

  • Do not access the device using the network expansion card that requires an update.

  1. Go to Network & Virtual Switch > Interfaces.
  2. Beside an adapter, click .

    The Network Expansion Card Firmware Update window appears.

  3. Click Update.

    QuTS hero starts updating the network expansion card firmware.

    After the firmware is updated, a restart confirmation window appears.

  4. Click Restart.

QuTS hero restarts the device to apply the network expansion card firmware changes.