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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Configuring Privilege Settings

QuTS hero allows you to create user accounts and user groups, specify user privileges, and configure shared folder permissions. These features are essential for data security and management.

The admin account is the default administrator account in QuTS hero. To enhance your data and device security, we recommend creating another administrator account and then disabling the admin account.

  1. Create an administrator account.

    You can create a new user account to replace the admin account. To grant administrator privileges to this new user, you must add this new user to the administrator group. You should also grant shared folder access permissions to this user.

    For details, see Creating an Administrator Account.

  2. Disable the admin account.

    After creating a new administrator, you should disable the default admin account and then start managing the NAS with this new administrator account.

    For details, see Disabling a Default Administrator Account.

  3. Create more users or user groups.

    You can create other users or user groups and grant them different levels of privileges to control access to your data on the NAS.

    For details, see: