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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Submitting a Ticket

You can submit a Helpdesk ticket to receive support from QNAP. Helpdesk automatically collects and attaches device system information and system logs to your request to help the QNAP technical support team identify and troubleshoot potential issues.

  1. Open Helpdesk.
  2. Go to Help Request.
  3. Sign in with your QNAP ID.
  4. Specify the ticket details.


    User Actions


    Specify the subject.

    Issue Category

    Select an issue category, and then select an issue.

    Issue Type

    Select an issue type.

    Operating System

    Select an operating system.


    Specify a short description for each issue.

  5. Upload the attachments.
    1. Optional: Select I am allowing QNAP Support to access my system logs.
    2. Upload screenshots or other related files.
      • You can upload up to 8 attachments, including system logs.

      • Each file must be less than 5 MB.

  6. Specify the following information.


    User Actions

    Your Email Address

    Specify your email address.

    Phone number

    Specify your phone number.

    Customer type

    Select a customer type.

    Company name

    Specify your company name.


    This field only appears when you select Business User as the Customer type.

    Your timezone

    Select a timezone.

    Apply the changes to my profile in QNAP Account

    Click to apply your profile changes in QNAP Account.

    First name

    Specify your first name.

    Last name

    Specify your last name.

    Your location

    Select a location.

  7. Optional: Select Apply the changes to my profile in QNAP Account.
  8. Click Submit.