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QuTS hero 5.0.x

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Creating an Administrator Account


Create another administrator account before disabling the default admin account.

  1. Log in as admin.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Privilege > Users.
  3. Click Create > Create a User.

    The Create a User window appears.

  4. Specify the following information.



    Profile photo

    Optional: Upload a profile photo for the user.

    User Description (optional)

    Specify a user description that contains a maximum of 50 characters.


    Specify a username that contains 1 to 32 characters from any of the following groups:

    • Letters: A to Z, a to z

    • Numbers: 0 to 9

    • Multi-byte characters: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian

    • The username cannot contain the following special characters: grave accent (`), asterisk (*), equal sign (=), plus sign (+), square brackets ([ ]), curly brackets ({}), slash (\), vertical bar (|), semicolon (;), colon (:), apostrophe ('), quotation mark ("), comma (,), less than sign (< ), greater than sign (>), backslash (/), question mark (?), percent sign (%), dollar sign ($), and the space character.


    Specify a password that contains a maximum of 64 ASCII characters.


    When re-enabling the "admin" account, you need to change the password if the system detects the password is the default password (1st MAC address).

    Mobile phone (optional)

    Specify a phone number that will receive SMS notifications from QuTS hero.


    Other NAS users might be able to see this information. If you do not want to share this information, leave the field blank.

    Email (optional)

    Specify an email address that will receive notifications from QuTS hero.

    For details, see Email Notifications.


    Other NAS users might be able to see this information. If you do not want to share this information, leave the field blank.

    Send a notification mail to the newly created user (optional)

    When selected, QuTS hero sends a message that contains the following information to the specified email address:

    • URLs for connecting to the NAS


    You can edit the notification message.

  5. Add the user to one or more user groups.
    1. Under User Group, click Edit.
    2. Select administrators.
  6. Optional: Specify shared folder permissions for the user.
    1. Under Shared Folder Permission, click Edit.
    2. Select the shared folder permissions for the user.
    3. Optional: Select Apply changes to subfolders.
  7. Optional: Specify application privileges for the user.
    1. Under Edit Application Privilege, click Edit.
    2. Select application permissions for the user.

    By default, administrator accounts can access to all applications.


    QNAP recommends denying access to applications and network services that the user does not require. Users without privileges to specific applications will not see it on their main menu.

  8. Optional: Set a quota for the user.

    This option is only available when quotas are enabled.

    1. Under Quota, click Edit.
    2. Set the quota.
      • No Limit: Quota settings do not apply to the user.

      • Limit disk space to: Specify a quota for the user.

      • Use group quotas: Group quota settings apply to the user.


      Individual quotas may override group quotas. For details, see Quota Conflicts.

  9. Click Create.