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Qfile Pro 4.x

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Viewing recently opened, uploaded, and deleted files

  1. Open Qfile Pro on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the app bar.

    The Device List window appears.

  3. Tap a QNAP device to select it.

    The Folders window appears.

  4. Tap .

    The Home window appears.

  5. Tap one of the following tabs:
    • Recently Opened: View files and folders that were recently opened by Qfile Pro.

    • Recently Deleted: View files and folders that were recently deleted.

    • Recently Uploaded: View files that were recently uploaded from Qfile Pro.

  6. Optional: Tap to clear the history of recently opened, uploaded, or deleted files. Clearing the history does not delete any files or folders.
  7. Optional: Tap to configure which tabs are displayed on the Home page.