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Qfile Pro 4.x

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Sharing download links to files and folders


QNE devices do not support file sharing.

  1. Open Qfile Pro on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the app bar.

    The Device List window appears.

  3. Tap a QNAP device to select it.

    The Folders window appears.

  4. Identify a file or folder, and then tap .

    The file and folder action menu opens.

  5. Tap Share download link.
  6. Optional: Specify the following settings:
    • Link name: The name of the share link. This is used to help you manage shared links.

    • Share Link: The URL format of the share link.

    • Use SSL: Use an encrypted share link (HTTPS).

    • Set Password: Require users to enter the specified password before they can access the shared file or folder.

  7. Tap Create.

    The Share Links window appears.

  8. Optional: Perform one or more of the following actions:


    User Action

    Copy share link to clipboard

    Tap .

    Open the shared file or folder in your system's browser.

    Tap Browser.

    Share with another app

    Tap .