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Qfile Pro 4.x

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Reporting problems

You can report a problem in Qfile Pro by submitting a support ticket and track its resolution process in Qfile Pro.

  1. Open Qfile Pro on your mobile device.
  2. Tap .

    The Menu window appears.

  3. Tap Contact Support.
    • Tap Provide Feedback to submit a support ticket with user feedback.

    • Existing support tickets are displayed under My Support Tickets.

    The Contact Support window appears.

  4. Tap Report Problem.
  5. Optional: Enable usage & diagnostics.
    1. The Usage & Diagnostics window appears.
    2. Tap Enable.

      A confirmation window appears.

    3. Tap OK.

      Qfile Pro returns to the Contact Support window.

    4. Close the Contact Support window.
    5. Produce the problem again by repeating the actions in Qfile Pro that triggered the problem.
    6. Create a support ticket by repeating the initial steps above.

      A debug log file is attached to the support ticket.

  6. The contact support Information window appears. Verify the information.
  7. Tap Confirm.
  8. Under Subject, specify a message for the support ticket.
  9. Specify the problem.

    Provide as much detail as possible.

  10. Optional: Attach a photo to the support ticket.
    1. Tap .
    2. Select a photo source.
      • From Photo Gallery: Select a photo from your mobile device's photo gallery.

      • From Camera: Take a photo with your mobile device's camera.


      The photo must be 35 MB or smaller.

  11. Tap to submit the support ticket.

    A confirmation window appears.

  12. Tap OK.

Qfile Pro creates and submits the support ticket. QNAP Customer Support will contact you by email to help resolve your problem.