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Qfile Pro 4.x

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Adding a QNAP device from the local network

  1. Open Qfile Pro on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the app bar.

    The Device List window appears.

  3. Tap Add a QNAP Device.
  4. Tap From local network.

    Tap RESCAN to scan for QNAP devices on the local network.

    The Device in Local Network window appears.

  5. Tap a device.

    The device login window appears.

  6. Under NAS username, specify the username of the account.
  7. Optional: Enable Secure login (SSL).
  8. Optional: Tap More Options and enable Detect ports automatically.

    Enabling this setting allows Qfile Pro to detect ports using the myQNAPcloud name or use the default ports.

  9. Tap Login.

    The password confirmation window appears.

  10. Under NAS Password, specify the password for the user account.
  11. Optional: Enable Remember Password.
  12. Tap Login.

The device is added to the Device List and becomes the current device.