MARS (Multi-Application Recovery Service) 1.2

Introducing MARS

About MARS

MARS (Multi-Application Recovery Service) is a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution for applications on your QNAP NAS. It allows you to back up and restore individual services and service data. Backups and restorations are performed by backup and restore jobs which can be run manually or automatically by schedule. Backups can also be managed through versioning, and services/data can be restored with any version. MARS also has integrated logs, allowing you to review all backup/restore activity.





  • 64-bit Intel-based NAS

  • 64-bit ARM-based NAS

  • 64-bit AMD-based NAS

  • The following 32-bit ARM-based NAS series and models:

    • TS-531P

    • TS-x31P2

    • TS-x31X

    • TS-x31XU

    • TS-x35

    • TS-x35U

    • TS-x41

Operating System

  • QTS 4.5.4 (or later)

  • QuTS hero h4.5.4 (or later)

  • QuTScloud c4.5.4 (or later)