MARS (Multi-Application Recovery Service) 1.2

Google Photos services

A Google Photos service allows MARS to back up and restore media files from a Google account.


A Google Photos service in MARS connects with the Google Photos API to perform backup and restore jobs. However, the Google Photos API has several limitations:

  • Only one Google Photos service can be created per Google account.

  • Videos:

    • MARS may not be able to access videos immediately after uploading them to Google Photos. The backup job may fail, or some files may be skipped. In these cases, wait for a period of time and try the backup job again.

    • Videos higher than 1080p and 30FPS will be backed up in 1080p and 30 FPS.

  • Images:

    • Google Photos may alter the pixel format or metadata when MARS retrieves the images. These alterations may change the final file size of the backup.

    • Images with the YUV444 color model will be converted to the YUV420 color model. Images with the YUV422 or RGB24 color models will not be converted.

    • Location data, including GPS coordinate information, may be removed from certain images

Creating a Google Photos service

  1. Open MARS.
  2. Go to Applications > Google Photos.
  3. Click Add Service.

    The Add Service window appears.

  4. Specify the service name.
  5. Click Connect to Google Photos.

    The Sign in with Google window appears.

  6. Select your Google account.
  7. Click Allow to allow MARS to access your Google Photos media files.

    Your Google account is authenticated.

  8. Click Apply.

    The service is created and appears in the service list.